Sometimes A Full Wig Just Doesn’t Cut It For Being Active. You Need A Swim or Sport Wig So You Can Have Fun, Stay Fit, and Keep Your Head Cool!

If you wear a wig you already know; they can be too hot and uncomfortable to wear for all occasions. Maybe you don’t go to the gym, or go for a run as often as you should. Maybe you pass on that pool party…  Now, you don’t have to sit on the sidelines! Get a swim or sport wig. Sporty Girl Wigs are your solution for swimming,

sports, or just relaxing. They’re specially designed for active women and girls like you. Below, our Sporty Girl is knocking ’em out while wearing the Sport Wig: Headband With Hair. It’s also available in a swim wig version! Swim Headband With Hair. Take a look at all Sporty Wigs on the shop the page. Questions? 813-300-8638.

girl getting a boxing lesson while wearing the sport headband with hair